Nova Launcher FAQ

If I purchase Nova Launcher Prime, is it a one time charge, a monthly charge or how does it work?

Purchasing Nova Launcher Prime is a one time purchase as long as you use the same email address on any device that you used to purchase the app with originally.

I'm using Android 4.x or lower and suddenly I'm not able to update to the latest version of Nova Launcher. Can you tell me why?

As of Nova Launcher 6.0, Nova now requires users to be using Android 5.0 or higher.

Can you please remove or give us an option to hide the back button from the home screen within Nova Launcher like Pixel Launcher has?

Unfortunately this is currently exclusive to Pixel Launcher only and no app has access to remove/hide the back button at this time.

Can you please include the new swipe gestures from Android 9.0 such as the swipe up on the home button to see the recent apps and suggested apps and dock?

Unfortunately this too is exclusive to Pixel Launcher and not something we currently have access to offer to users.

Starting with Nova Launcher 6.0, I can no longer find my settings for the Dock. Where are these located at or have they been removed?

Nova Settings -> Desktop -> Dock is where all of the settings for the Dock are located.

How do I activate weather on the persistent search bar?
Due to various issues on Google's end, we are currently unable to offer full and complete support for weather on the Persistent Search Bar at this time, hence they reason it's located within the Labs section of Nova Settings.

You first need to enable the Labs section within Nova Settings. To do so, go to Nova Settings and then hold the Volume Down button and a new section called Labs will appear.

Secondly, for you to have a chance at weather working for you, you must be running Android 6.0 or higher. This does not guarantee that it will work for you, unfortunately.

Once you have the Labs section enabled, then you can go to Nova Settings -> Labs and enable the Allow Weather In Search Bar setting.

How do I disable the weather option within the Google search bar?

You first need to make sure it's enabled in Nova Settings -> Labs.

Then you need to disable it in Nova Settings -> Desktop -> Search Bar Style.

Finally you need to disable it in Nova Settings -> Labs

How can I make the persistent search bar within Nova match the search bar exactly like it is in Pixel Launcher?

First thing to note is that Pixel Launcher does not use a persistent search bar, it uses a widget instead. If you want your search bar to match that of the Pixel Launcher, then you need to use the Nova Google widget instead of the persistent search bar.

To access this widget, long press and hold on a blank space on the homescreen and then click Widgets.

Can you integrate Google Now / Google Discover into Nova Launcher like Pixel Launcher has?

You need to install the Nova Google Companion App which you can find the latest version here: Nova Google Companion App as well as have at least Nova Launcher 5.3 installed. You also need to running Android 6.0 or later and make sure you have the setting for Infinite Scroll disabled.

Google Now / Google Discover is also a Google app that no other app controls in any way. This means whatever is displayed is totally and completely up to Google and not Nova. The Nova Google Companion app simply gives you access to Google Now / Google Discover and nothing more.

Please contact Google if you want to see a different style, color, layout or anything else within Google Now, or any other Google App. This means we can't currently give you an option to enable the new Dark Theme / Dark Mode that Google offers.

How do I restore the app drawer button?

To restore your app drawer icon simply long press and hold on a blank space on the homescreen and then select Widgets -> Nova Actions -> App Drawer and that will add the app drawer icon back to your homescreen.

You can also use Nova Settings -> Backup & Import Settings -> Quick Start to achieve this.

How do I sort my app drawer icons or folders in a custom way that I want?

Currently you can't do this within Nova Launcher. The app drawer is sorted alphabetically for both icons and folders.

I'm trying to change my app drawer icon but it won't change. How do I fix this?

Try disabling Night Mode for the app drawer and then try changing the app drawer icon at that time.

How do I set a separate wallpaper for my app drawer than the one that's set for my homescreen?

Unfortunately that's not something you can do at this time within Nova Launcher.

How do I hide apps within Nova Launcher?

To hide apps go to Nova Settings -> App & Widget Drawers -> Hide Apps.

Please note that this is used only for organizational purposes for the app drawer to hide apps that you don't want to see or use. This does not hide them system wide and they will still be searchable within the app drawer search.

If you're wanting to hide apps globally/system wide, then this is not the feature you want to use and should use some 3rd party app to accomplish what you want.

Can I transfer my purchase of Nova Launcher Prime from one email account to another?

Yes. For us to be able to transfer your account, we need a couple of pieces of information from you first. We will need the Google Play Store receipt that was emailed to you when you purchased the app. You can often find that information at Google Wallet if you have that setup. But we will need a copy of that receipt first and foremost.

The second thing we will need from you is the exact email address of the new account that you are transferring to. We need this to give you a promo code that you will use in the Google Play Store with the new email address to purchase the app for free.

Please use Nova Settings -> Contact Support to send us all of the information we require above so that we can assist you in transferring your account.

How can I help translate Nova Launcher into various languages?

You can do any and all translation stuff for Nova Launcher here: Crowdin Translation

Please note that all translations are usually included in the next major release of Nova Launcher assuming everything for that language is complete and correct.

How do I make a feature request

Simply email us using the Contact Support button within Nova Settings to send us a feature requests. All feature requests are kept internally and not visible to the public at this time for various reasons.

Please note that just because something has a lot of votes doesn't guarantee it will eventually be included within Nova Launcher.

App shortcuts

If you're not on Android 7.1 you won't see all app shortcuts due to API limitations and due to those API restrictions this feature can't be backported to versions of Android that are older than 5.1.

You must also have Nova Launcher set as your default launcher or you won't get any app shortcuts at all.

It's also worth noting that Nova Launcher doesn't add shortcuts to apps themselves. That is all done by each individual app developer to add in support as well as for what versions of Android they support.

I'm seeing two of everything on the app shortcuts pop-ups menu. How can I fix this issue?

A simple restart of Nova Launcher from within Nova Settings will fix this issue for you.

How do I send a crash report to the support team?

Go to your phone Settings -> About Phone and then click on Build Number 7 - 10 times until it tells you that are a Developer. Then go back one screen and then click on Developer Options and enable USB Debugging and then enable Bug Report Shortcut.

Once you experience the crash on your phone, hold down the power button and select the option to Take A Bug Report and then send it to us so we can take a look.

Or you can try this one, but likely you won't be able to do it.

Whenever you experience your next crash, can you perform the following steps to send us a bug report please.

Nova Settings -> Long-press volume down for Labs -> Debug -> Show Device Info -> Email, which includes a bunch of debug info including the last crash report.

Once we get that report then let us know that you've sent it by replying to this email and we will take a look at it and try and see what's going on.

In Android 6.0 Marshmallow, The notification shade comes down slowly. How do I fix this?

Unfortunately we are aware of this issue as it's due to a bug that Google introduced in Marshmallow. As of this time there is no fix for this within 6.0.x, but there is a fix for this in both Android Nougat 7.0 or if you're running Nova Launcher 4.2.0 and you are rooted. If you're not rooted, then we suggest you try to upgrade your device to Android 7.0 if possible.

Does Nova Launcher support double-tap to turn on and/or off the screen?

If your device supports the double-tap to turn the screen off, then you can do this within Nova Launcher by double tapping on the notification bar at the top of the screen. You can also set a gesture to accomplish this.

Unfortunately due to API restrictions we don't have the ability to allow you to double-tap to turn the screen on within Nova Launcher. That's all done via your device itself.

How do I change the on-screen navigation buttons to match that of Pixel Launcher?

Your device has to be rooted and running a custom ROM to be able to achieve those things. That's not something Nova Launcher can do.

How do I enable the Labs section within Nova settings?

To enable the Labs section, go to Nova Settings and then hold the Volume Down button until Labs appears right below Backup & Import Settings.

How do I become a beta tester?

To become a beta tester for Nova Launcher, you need to join the Google+ community here: Nova Launcher Community and then opt-in as a beta tester here: Beta Opt-In

Does Nova Launcher collect personal data/information, or what personal data/information does Nova Launcher collect?

You can read our full Privacy Policy via the following link: Privacy Policy

Do I have to have both Nova Launcher and Nova Launcher Prime installed to use the Nova Launcher Prime features?

Yes. Both apps have to be installed as Nova Launcher Prime will allow you to access and use all of the Prime features within Nova Launcher itself.

Can I have a different wallpaper on each of my homescreens?

No. This currently isn't a feature/option within Nova Launcher at this time.

How do I set a different lockscreen wallpaper from the wallpaper of my homescreen?

Due to API restrictions set forth by Google, you have to be using Android 7.0 or higher to accomplish this with the latest version of Nova Launcher.

The date in the search bar widget is cut off. How do I fix this?

Simply change your system font and/or screen DPI as this is an issue with the font you're using.

How do I remove all of the ads within Nova Launcher/Nova Launcher Prime?

Nova Launcher nor Nova Launcher Prime has ads of any kind. If you're seeing ads, then you need to figure out what app exactly is causing them and either remove that app or contact their developer directly.

How do I create folders in the app drawer?

To create folders within the app drawer go to: Nova Settings -> App & Widget Drawers -> Drawer Groups -> Folders

How do I create folders on the desktop?

To create a folder on the desktop, simply drag one icon on top of another or you can also drag the folders from within the app drawer directly to the desktop.

TeslaUnread keeps disabling by itself and therefore I'm not getting unread counts. What can I do to fix this?

This is a known issue on several brands of devices and you can try this to see if it helps fix the issue.

Fix For Samsung:

There is a new feature added called "app optimization" under Settings -> Battery -> Detail and you need to set TeslaUnread to DO NOT OPTIMIZE

Fix For ASUS:

Change Battery settings of TeslaUnread (your opinion)

Change Power Management -> Auto Start Manager -> Set TeslaUnread to ALLOW

Fix For OnePlus:

System Settings -> Battery -> Menu -> Aggressive Doze & App Hibernation(Turn these off completely)

Also under that menu High Power Usage Apps, if Nova Launcher/TeslaUnread show here, disabled them

System Settings -> Advanced -> Recent App Management -> Normal Clear should be set, not Deep Clear

Apps -> Settings -> Apps Auto Launch(Turn this on in the top right corner and turn it on for Nova Launcher and TeslaUnread)

Once you have that set, it should work properly and stop turning itself off. However, if you're not using one of the above branded devices, then it's probably something very similar that you need to do. If you can't find anything similar then you will need to contact the manufacturer of your device.

Can we have some apps use Dynamic Badges while other apps use Numeric Badges?

No. Due to Dynamic Badges being 100% notification based which makes them much more accurate and informative, we will not be allowing the two badge types to work together.

How do I enable Dynamic Badges, Notification Dots or Numeric Badges?

You must purchase Nova Launcher Prime.

Nova Settings -> Notification Badges -> Click None, Dynamic Badges, Dots or Numeric Badges.

For Numeric Badges you must install and setup our TeslaUnread app from the Play Store.

Can you make the folders, app drawer or anything else have a blur effect to them within Nova Launcher?

At this time we have no plans of ever bringing blurring options/features to Nova Launcher. There are several reasons for this that we have discussed within our community and other places so we won't discuss those here.

Just know for now that we have no plans for this but that doesn't mean it could change at some point in the future.

How do I go about getting a refund for the purchase of Nova Launcher Prime?

For us to provide a refund, we will need proof of purchase for the app, such as the receipt from the Google Play Store that should have been emailed to you when you purchased the app. You can possibly get the needed information from Google Wallet as ultimately we need the Transaction ID# or GPA#.

Once we have that, then we can see about refunding the purchase price but please note that the license will be invalidated immediately so you will no longer be able to use the Nova Prime features once the refund is processed on our end.

Please make sure you attach the copy of the Google Play Store receipt to this email and do NOT create a brand new email with just the receipt as that will only cause issues and not get you a refund. All correspondences must be done within the same email thread.
One last thing to note is that the purchase must have been within the past month(30 days) from today's date or we will not be able to provide a refund at this time.
How do I directly contact support?

You can contact support by either sending a direct email to customer support or via our preferred method by going to Nova Settings -> Contact Support within the app itself.

Please note that sending us an email via the Contact Support button within the app will send us a lot of information that might help us fix your issue quicker and easier.

How do I connect with you via social media?